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Carburizing heat treatment

Carburizing heat treatment

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How to check the quality of heat treatment carburizing

The reason why the heat treatment carburizing process is carried out with different processes is because the technical requirements of the parts we need to deal with are different, so the methods of quality inspection are also different. Learn about.

(1) Microstructure analysis

1) Identification of fiber structure after heat treatment of steel.

2) Detection of micro-defects in steel.

3) Inspection of non-metallic inclusions in steel.

4) Determination of the depth of chemical heat treatment.

5) Microstructure inspection of gray cast iron.

6) Structural analysis of common non-ferrous metals.

(2) Mechanical property test

1) Hardness test of heat-treated carburized parts.

2) Mechanical property test of heat-treated parts.

(3) Non-destructive testing

1) Internal defect detection.

2) Surface defect detection.

(4) Chemical composition inspection

1) Spark recognition. In heat treatment carburizing production, experienced inspectors and heat treatment workers can identify the chemical composition of parts by observing the spark characteristics of the material during grinding with a grinding wheel.

2) Spectral analysis. The spectrometer can measure and record the wavelength and intensity of the spectral lines of different elements, and compare it with the spectral line table to obtain the elements and contents in the material.

3) Chemical analysis. Chemical analysis can accurately analyze the content of all elements in metal materials in the laboratory, and is a more commonly used analysis method in factories.

4) Trace analysis of chemical composition. Micro-area chemical composition analysis methods include electron probe X-ray analysis, Auger electron spectroscopy analysis, ion probe analysis and so on.

(5) Macrostructure inspection and fracture analysis

1) The method of macroscopic test. Macroscopic experience of steel is commonly used in acid etching, including hot, cold and electrolytic etching.

2) Fracture analysis. Analysis includes macro fracture analysis and micro fracture analysis.

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